About Us

Pottinger 22 is an art space run by BAC. The space will showcase a number of exclusive artworks, ranging from calligraphies, sketches and sculptures, created by Ren Zhe. It is also intended to be a hub for a wide range of artistic and cultural events.

Positioned at the nexus of art, culture, talents, brands and events, BAC provides boundless opportunities for artists, institutions and brands to create and to tell their stories. We represent leading artists to explore their artistic and commercial potential and we also help brands and institutions to express their identity through the combination of their values, vision and art.


In service of them, we are committed to building the most vibrant and most the innovative art solution company in this new generation. It is also our goal to give back to society. BAC continues to support different charities and we will expand our efforts in the years to come. With a passion to promote the cross-over model among art, culture and business, BAC is committed to delivering the best opportunities to artists and the best art solutions to brands and institutions.