“Wherever there are Chinese people, Jin Yong’s world of ‘wuxia’ can be found.”

The first-ever officially sanctioned commemoration of Jin Yong

2024 marks the centenary of the birth of Jin Yong (Dr Louis Cha), a literary giant in Chinese literature. “Wherever there are Chinese people, Jin Yong’s world of “wuxia” can be found.” Throughout his life, Jin Yong created a total of 15 martial arts novels and shaped over 1,400 characters. His works have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and been translated into 14 different languages. Using martial arts fiction as a medium, Jin Yong’s works integrate elements of culture, history, religion, and morality, exploring the complexity of human relationships, love, and hatred. They are literary treasures, immortal classics, and guiding beacons in life. His works are not only loved by the people but have also had a positive and profound impact on the global literary world. They possess profound humanistic, social, and artistic values, serving as cherished memories for Hong Kong people and a source of pride for the global Chinese community.

REN ZHE x ADIDAS basketball Collaboration with NBA player James Harden

In celebration of Jin Yong’s centenary and in the hometown of his “wuxia” novels, we will organise a public art event called “A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial” that encompasses culture, art, creativity, heritage, and education and covers locations throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories, which will not only remind Hong Kong people of Jin Yong’s spirit but also attract visitors from Mainland China and abroad to Hong Kong to pay tribute to the centenary of the birth of immortal Jin Yong. 

The event’s theme is taken from a message Guo Jing delivered to Yang Guo in The Giant Eagle and its Companion— “To serve, is a path to glory”. This phrase sums up Jin Yong’s life and his aspirations for the country. Achieving the greatness of chivalry is not a goal in itself, but rather a journey of personal growth. Despite his honesty and candidness, Guo Jing embodies loyalty, kindness, and righteousness; Yang Guo, though rebellious, harbours a deep-rooted hatred for evil. The life paths of these contrasting characters converge. As the saying goes, “Those who recite ‘Namo Buddha’ will accomplish the path to Buddhahood.” If we are patriotic and devoted to serving the country and its people, we will eventually become true embodiments of chivalry.

Creating unique cultural experiences in Hong Kong

“A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial” will comprise of two exhibitions officially opening on 15 March 2024 at Edinburgh Place in Central and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin respectively. Supported by the Hong Kong Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, our major sponsor Park Peninsula, and our other sponsors including the Bank of East Asia, Cartier, Chuang’s Cultural Industries Limited, and the Chen Wai Wai Vivien Foundation Limited, this seven-month event involves multimedia collaborations with local creative talents, including sculptor Ren Zhe, digital visual and special effects artist Victor Wong, fashion consultant of the fashion show of costume designs from Jin Yong’s novels William Chang, cultural consultant Benny Li, film score composer Tomy Wai, musician Scarlett Chan, and painter Lee Chi-ching. The event will feature museum and public art exhibitions, showcasing the heroes from Jin Yong’s works through cross-media experiences, sculptures, paintings, calligraphy, design art, film and television entertainment, and music. The aim is to create cultural experiences that are exclusive to Hong Kong, actively promoting the long-term and sustainable development of the cultural, artistic, and creative industries.

The World of Wuxia


The World of Wuxia

Period: 2024.03.15 - 2024.07.02
Venue: Edinburgh Place, Central

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Sculpted by Ren Zhe


Sculpted by Ren Zhe

Period: 2024.03.16 - 2024.10.07
Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

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Rally Creative Artists

The event “A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial” brings together creative artists. Ren Zhe, a sculptor, has loaned 36 sculptures of Jin Yong’s characters, weighing over 15,000 kilograms. Victor Wong, a digital artist, has crafted immersive experiences for the Mongolian yurt at Edinburgh Place and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The exhibition will feature re-arranged theme songs from Jin Yong’s martial arts dramas by film score composer Tomy Wai. Art activities include a fashion show of costume designs by art director William Chang, piano performances by pianist Scarlett Chan, and busking performances by Emperor Entertainment Group artists.

Boosting Hong Kong’s tourism and economic development

The event is sponsored by organizations from the tourism, hospitality, and retail sectors, aiming to attract visitors from Mainland China and abroad. The exhibition, “A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial · The World of Wuxia,” located at Edinburgh Place, offers stunning views of Victoria Harbour. Sculptures of characters from Jin Yong’s novels are installed at border control points and landmarks like the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, and Hong Kong International Airport. These installations encourage tourists to explore the city, visit the exhibitions, and stimulate economic activities in Hong Kong.

Community outreach and education

Sculptures of characters from Jin Yong’s novels will be installed in residential areas, business districts, and other locations throughout Hong Kong. Collaborations with cultural experts, artists, tourism associations, educational organizations, and non-profit institutions are planned. Outreach activities include charity guided tours, family activities, art talks, book reading sessions, and workshops. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum will host art talks where artists, film experts, and academics interpret Jin Yong’s novels.

Overseas promotion

Multilingual audio guides will be available at the exhibitions to cater to local residents, expatriates, and overseas visitors. Collaboration with domestic and international institutions and consulates in Hong Kong will help promote the event in international markets. Cultural and artistic interactive experiences will be offered to promote Jin Yong’s novels and Chinese culture, fostering exchanges between China and other countries.

Searching for collective memories

The event aims to evoke collective memories by recreating scenes from Jin Yong’s novels through interactive photo-taking spots. Props and rescored theme songs from Jin Yong’s martial arts dramas engage the audience in his captivating world. The event encourages the younger generation to explore Chinese literary classics and draw inspiration from Jin Yong’s resilient spirit as a literary giant.

Other collaborative landmarks

The organizers plan to display sculptures of Jin Yong’s characters at various tourist and cultural landmarks throughout Hong Kong, including Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, residential areas, and business districts. This initiative aims to engage the entire community and connect with people from all walks of life in Hong Kong. By encouraging tourists to explore different areas, take photos with the sculptures, and increase overnight stays, the event is expected to stimulate consumption and benefit various stakeholders.

For more details, please visit http://www.jinyong.hk.