Ren Zhe “Genesis” Exhibition 2021

Featuring 15 monumental sculptures, “Genesis” has brought together a collective of artists, including performance artists, and artistic endeavours to celebrate the pursuit of cultural diversity. ​

Ren Zhe believes that our heart is a projection of the world. During these trying times, he has envisioned a show that incorporates art installation – an element which aims to connect art with its viewers inside an immersive pavilion space, resembling the shape of a heart. Throughout this exhibition, the artist encourages everyone to rediscover their original aspirations as well as a sense of youthfulness that lies within each and everyone of us.

Ren Zhe Shenzhen Ping’an IFC Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Period: 2021.1.2- 2021.4.2

Exhibition Venue: Ping’an International Financial Center, Shenzhen

Ren Zhe “Genesis” Immersive Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Period: 2021.5.28- 2021.8.28

Exhibition Venue: Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area, Bejing