The Plantation of Hope Exhibition

“Guyu” (Grain Rain), symbolizes the transition between spring and summer. It is the season when everything flourishes, exuding vitality and offering hope.

Ren Zhe is always dedicated to convey his commitment to arts and his philosophies to the audience through his artworks.

The warrior figures in Ren Zhe’s works are heroic, elegant and calm, connecting art and the one’s heart through movement, virtuality and reality. Although they stand still, the warriors seem to be in dialogue with audience all the time, describing the cold wind and moonlight in desert, expressing the perseverance in life like a person with a straw cape walking peacefully in the storm.

Beyond the physical form, Ren Zhe’s warriors explore the spirit within oneself, and aim to convey hope and courage to everyone from such vantage point.

We have survived the winter, walked through the night, and crossed the valley. Looking back to the bleakness of the past, after a storm comes a calm – may we welcome the bright sunshine together, live in the present and plant the seed of hope for our future.

Ren Zhe Gu Yu – The Plantation of Hope Exhibition

Exhibition Period: 2023.3.20 – 2023.4.30

Exhibition Venue: Peak Salon, 9th Floor, Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street, Central