The Enlightened Ones

“The Enlightened Ones” DUST OF GODS x 12 Zodiac show

Works from the series Twelve Zodiac encompass Ren Zhe’s understanding of the notion of time, including the concepts related to endlessness, inconsistency, alternation between light and shadow, passing down to generations. The representation of the twelve symbolic animals of the Chinese Zodiac reflects the multifaceted existential condition of all living beings in the world. Everything about life is illusionary: prosperity and decline, gathering and dispersion are all temporary. During our existential journey in the mortal world, we should be aware that while us, as human beings are small, and the universe is large. Though our life is full of regrets, every simple movement might turn into dust. Self-cultivation and self-examination will help us to live in this world. Despite the adversities, one should have a willfully free and unrestrained approach: through the vision of the universe and of the self, one can finally see all beings.

Date: 2021.11.12
Venue: Beijing Parkview Green