pottinger 22 art space in central Hong Kong

– Introduction

About Pottinger 22

An art space dedicated to showcase the dynamic of artist Ren Zhe’s philosophical ex- pression through calligraphies, sketches to sculptures. 22 art space is a venue designed for art and cultural exchanges. 22 vision to become the leader in facilitating collabora- tions between the art, cultural and commercial projects by creating a platform for the relevant participants to exchange ideas.

Pottinger 22 is a four-storey art space building in Central Hong Kong dedicated to showcasing Ren Zhe’s sculptures and other art works. Nestled within the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, one will find themselves immersed in a tranquil sanctuary. We look forward to welcoming you and your friends to embark on an artistic journey with us here at Pottinger 22.

Venue & Art Space

With the integration of multi-functional conference rooms, projection spaces and an outdoor space on the rooftop, Pottinger 22 serves as a versatile facility for artists, curators, companies as well as the public to hold talks, private events and even film screenings. It is positioned as a vibrant and innovative art space.

– Exclusively Designed Art Space

Ground Floor

Features: Ren Zhe’s Sculptures Collection, Lounge Area
Capacities: 30 standing
Venue Size: 83m²
Welcomes: Guided Tour, Interview, Exhibition, Networking, Video Screening, Product Launch

– Private Room & Art Space

Mezzanine Floor

Features: VIP Private Room, Art Space
Capacities: 15 standing
Venue Size: 83m²
Welcomes: Guided Tour, Exhibition, Private Meeting

Multipurpose Event Space & Conference Room

First Floor

Features: Conference Room, Digital VR Room, Screening Space, Catering Space
Capacities: 50 standing/ 30 sitting
Venue Size: 83m²
Welcomes: Seminars, Talks, Workshops, Team building, Networking, Product Launch, Corporate Training & Function

Outdoor Terrace & Event Space 

Roof Garden
“After the Storm”

Features: Outdoor Projection, Art Space, Event Space
Capacities: 30 standing
Venue Size: 50m²
Welcomes: Rooftop Networking, Pop-up Shops, Social Events

Special credits to Batten and Kamp. Renowned for embracing natural elements in design within contemporary life, the dynamic duo has designed a bespoke bench integrating into the innovative art space of Pottinger 22.


Pottinger 22 is dedicated to encouraging the exchange of ideas among art, commercial, and the public sector. We collaborate with diverse industries to position as a dynamic and innovative space.