Born in 1983, lives and works in Beijing

Graduated with both Bachelors and Master’s Degree
from Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department
Member of the Chinese Sculpture Institute

Ren Zheis a pioneering young artist who, despite his young age, has a profound understanding of the illustrious history and culture of China, and also a global vision that enables him to embody the western and oriental culture, as well as traditional and modern aesthetics, into his works. His use of contemporary materials brings out the interplay between the contemporary artistic expressions and the quintessential values of traditional oriental philosophy in perfect harmony.

The unifying theme of Ren Zhe’sworks strive to convey an ageless aspiration, penned generation past, for a virtue that embraces the world and to ceaselessly enrich oneself. His works, in the drama of their stillness and their motions, have cast within them Ren Zhe’sintensely humanistic aspirations, which allows us all to appreciate the timelessness of culture and art.