Celebrating the Year of the Pig in 2019, Adidas recently released the “Ren Zhe Edition”, incorporating oriental spirit into the Chinese New Year design. Ren Zhe, an BAC artist, is a renowned sculptor in contemporary art scene.


Invincible Enlightenment

In 2019 crossover with Adidas Chinese New Year series, Ren Zhe took inspirations from 'Zhu Wuneng', a character from Chinese mythology 'Journey to the West', and deconstructed the name of the Chinese character into components, mimicking ancient Chinese bronze ware patterns. The pronounciation of the character also implicates the positive can-do attitude in sports.


'Ren Zhe Edition'

The 'Ren Zhe Edition' by Adidas covers a wide range of categories such as Running, Training and Basketball, encouraging sports lover to explore their potentials, and to seek enlightenment in 2019.


'Bo Re'

Ren Zhe created a bespoke sculpture ‘Bo Re’ specially for Adidas 2019 Creators Event. Ren Zhe excels in incorporating traditional oriental spirits in to his art. 'Bo Re' means the Highest Wisdom in Buddhism resulting from enlightenment. Though Ren Zhe uses stainless steel in this sculpture, the shiny surface is adding water-like dynamism to the work.


January 29, 2019