“A Love Affair with Hong Kong”

Solo Exhibition In Transit by Louise Soloway Chan
May 15, 2019

The Pullman Parklane Hong Kong Hotel is presenting a new exhibition showcasing works by Louise Soloway Chan, a British-born Hong Kong-based artist in collaboration with BAC and Yan Gallery.“In Transit”, the exhibition in The Pullman Parklane Hotel shows over ten works by Louise Soloway Chan, covering different mediums that Louise works with, such as ink and acrylic on paper, acrylic on canvas, bas-relief studies for the MTR public art and wall prints from Louise’s experiments on the iPad.


About Louise Soloway Chan:

Born 1962 in London and educated in England and India, Louise Soloway Chan is a visual story-telling artist trying to capture an essence of the rapidly changing city. Louise’s works had been exhibited extensively in institutions such as Royal Academy of Art, Whitechapel Gallery and National Portrait Gallery in London. Ever since she moved to Hong Kong, Louise was constantly drawn to picture the ordinary lives: men in suits rushing off to work, helpers getting children to school, and many silent voices and invisible hands that are the life force and backbone that keeps the city functioning. Observing & recording daily life has been a private passionof Louisewhich was brought into public viewby the MTR. In 2011, the MTR Corp commissioned Louise Soloway Chan to create a huge work consistingof 12 bas-reliefs about lives and traditional shop businesses in Hong Kong. The works are now permanently installed in Sai Ying Pun station.